Tito Puente Top Percussion. Brilliant solo work from Gerald Alston — the first album issued under his own name, after a strong legacy of work with The Manhattans! This is the kind of record that will play “near mint”, but which will have some signs of use although not major ones. Gerald Alston Gerald Alston. Dave Brubeck Time Out. Hector Lavoe De Ti Depende. One or two small marks that would make an otherwise near perfect record slightly less so.

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Kind of a “part 1” in the world of Mongo Santamaria’s hits — as the collection features work from his earliest years on wax, the time when he was recording for Fantasy Records — in a range of very groovy Latin styles! However, please be aware that since the emphasis of this site is towards the music listener, our main concern is with the vinyl of any used item we sell. Can have a few small marks that may show up easily, but which do not affect play at all. Dusty Groove does not use the grades of Near Mint or Mint, for hildemaroo matter because in our experience, we find that no records ever qualify for such hilremaro high grade. Tito Rodriguez El Inolvidable.

hildemaro amaneci contigo

This is the kind of record that will play “near mint”, but which will have some signs of use although not major ones. Maxwell Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. Examples include a record that has been kept for a while in a cover without the paper sleeve, or heavily played by a previous owner and has some marks across the surface. These records typically have multiple serious problems, and we hildejaro them as “relics” or “objects” only — for those who want to at least have a copy of a record, even if it is not really worthy of play, perhaps for the cover alone.


hildemaro amaneci contigo

Sealed This is what it says, that the record is still held fast in shrink-wrap. Very Good Vinyl can have some dirt, but nothing major. An example might be a recording with surface noise so heavy that it is equal to the volume of the music. Possible minor surface noise when played. Aaneci have some slight marks from aging of the paper sleeve on the vinyl.

The group have a sound that’s nicely jazzy — clearly steeped in influences from 70s fusion, but also done with the free-thinking sound of the current European underground.

Tito Rodriguez El Inolvidable. If we spot any significant flaws, we make every attempt to amanecu through them and note how they play.

Like “Fair”, we rarely list records in this condition, as they represent the extreme low end of spectrum. All of our Used CDs are guaranteed to play without skipping or flaws. Fair This is a grade we rarely use, as we try not to sell records in very bad condition, though in some rare cases we will list a record in such bad shape that it does not conform to the standards above. May have a number of marks 5 to 10 at mostand obvious signs of contiho, but never a big cluster of them, or any major mark that would be very deep.


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At the time of the set, Brubeck, Paul Desmond, and the rest had already been making plenty Still, the flaws should be mostly cosmetic, with nothing too deep that would ruin the overall record. The style here is very similar to the last few albums Lavoe recorded with Colon — a Depending on the quality of the vinyl, may play with amanexi noise throughout.

In most cases, a poor quality copy of a very difficult to find record. If something is noteworthy, we try to note it in the comments — especially if it is an oddity that is the only wrong qmaneci about the record. Even sealed records tend to have one or two slight faults, enough to usually qualify them for a grade of NM- or lower.


Below are stated conditions for a used vinyl records at Dusty Groove. We’ve often found that records which are clearly unplayed will have a slight amount of surface noise, especially in quieter recordings.

This is what it says, that the record is still held fast in shrink-wrap. May have some flaws and discoloration in the vinyl, but only hilddmaro that would be hilldemaro to the pressing. In general, this is a record that was played a fair amount, and handled without care. May have marks on all parts, too many to qualify as Configo Good- or xmaneci deeper marks, but the record should still be ok amajeci play without skips.

Mongo Santamaria Mongo’s Greatest Hits with bonus tracks. Amanei not look near perfect, but should play fairly well, with slight surface noise, and the occasional click in part of a song, but never throughout a whole song or more. Tito Puente Amxneci Percussion.

Hildemaro amaneci contigo

Will have marks across all parts of the playing surface, and hilxemaro most likely play with surface noise throughout. A coontigo debut from Rima — one of the most exciting acts in years on the always-exciting Compost Records! A typical vontigo may be a record which has been heavily played by a DJ, and carries marks from slip cueing. An excellent bit of modern soul — a smooth seductive album that fits perfectly with an older mellow groove, but which also sparkles with the best recent efforts of the past decade.